Review of Seward Cafe in Minneapolis

Seward Cafe

The Seward is a collectively owned cafe, and you’ll see your fair share of creative decor and graffiti as you walk in the door, similar to Hard Times Cafe in the Riverside neighborhood. Although the Seward isn’t a 100% vegan or even vegetarian restaurant, most menu items are vegan or can be prepared vegan. One of my favorites is the Red Green Earth (pictured below), which is a plate of hash browns, scrambled tofu (in place of eggs – you can also opt to have black or pinto beans instead), steamed broccoli and ranchero sauce. It’s simple but so satisfying and tasty. I drizzled some hot sauce on mine and also got a side of vegan breakfast sausage. This was way too much food for me, on top of the coffee and slice of chocolate chip banana bread that my fiance and I shared, but it was so good that I decided I had to eat it all and make myself very, very uncomfortably full. Anyway, speaking of banana bread, the Seward has a pretty good selection of vegan baked goods. They also had “chocolate chip champions” (giant chocolate chip cookies), chocolate almond muffins, and, as we were leaving, I think I saw some sort of mocha cupcake.

The Seward has a huge drink menu as well, including many different coffees, teas and specialty beverages. This past weekend, I just had a regular mug of coffee with some soy milk. It was a delicious roast that really hit the spot. They also make an awesome drink in which they blend coffee and soy ice cream. I definitely recommend that one as well. I really want to come here with my laptop or a notebook or something and “work” like a lot of people seem to do at this place. Yeah, the other day I saw someone playing their 3DS here so I’m a little skeptical of the other customers now.

Check out the Seward’s menu on their website. They serve breakfast AND lunch! They have veggie burgers, vegan mac and cheese, and other traditional diner-style fare. I can give a thumbs up to their hummus and pita appetizer and their tempeh gyro. The Seward is a go-to for my fiance and I when we are seeking vegan comfort food.



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